Advances to Digital learning, and How to utilize current resources.

When I first arrived from the Dominican Republic in 1999, I had no idea that my generation would be one of the ones to make an impact on the world, especially with how we as human learn. Technology has advance tremendously in the last few years, the first cell phone was first introduce to Americans in 1983 and now in 2014 there is a Smartphone in everyone’s hands. Smartphones are not the only device that has change the way we now live, matter of fact, technology as a whole has changed the way we look at everything, from the environment to higher learning.

So how is Digital learning, through the internet and new technologies, changing education?

Let’s start with the most obvious, applications. The use of applications for merely every site and/or business is changing the way we receive information. Most, if not all Higher learning institutions, now offer their students a Mobile application, Also known as a mobile App, in order to make it more convenient for student to; register for classes, Check class schedule, Pay Student bills, Search for courses, degree evaluations, School updates and more. An Application is a self-contained program or piece of software design to fulfill a particular purpose or action. Mobile Apps are on the rise because everyone is carrying a Smartphone and firms see the appeal it has on their customers and clients, so they strategically design Apps for their for-profit or non-profit businesses. Applications don’t just make things easier for students, they also help develop future computer engineers. Because of the technological advances in the application world, it is easier to create your own applications for free, which means students can teach themselves how to write, read and manipulate data without needing to be in a classroom setting. For example, a teenage high school student can now create an application just for him and his friends that connects all of their information together, so they can share schedules, play games, and even work on homework together through the use of one application. Just a few years ago when my parents were growing up, they didn’t even have cell phones to relay information, they had to wait to walk home to speak their mind or ask their parents for some help with school work. But today if I was in need of some information such as -“what is the capital of Texas? Or what year did Israel become a country” I would simply ask “Google.” Google itself has challenged the way we view the world, literally making it easier to learn and to self-teach, our brain works by looking for patterns that can make sense of what we are looking for or what we want, let’s say you are in a town you don’t really know much about, you are lost, you’re brain is confuse, so how is Google like your brain? well first, it has all the information you need to get home, it has all your contact information through the use of G-mail and all your locations saved, because your brain already knows this, in seconds while looking into your Smartphone, you’re brain will look for a patterns on how to get home with the help of you’re smart phone. It is the same concept with education and self-teaching, not that Google is the only search engine in the world, but in my opinion it has all the right resources. By using the internet for daily school or work tasks, you are allowing yourself to be more flexible with the way you are now learning. Driving home from work or walking home from school, utilizing the right materials to expand your knowledge is right at your fingertips.

Let’s see how an average student can utilize current resources for free. let us be bias-free and forget that Google is the only valid search engine around, because it’s not. Bing, Yahoo, Munax, Qwant, and Yandex, are all search engines that are at your disposal. Most are great ways to search for anything that may appeal to you. Search engines can be use to analyze a certain market or to be use for demographic findings. A business individual and a student have many things in common; they both rely on their ability to learn something new in order to put that knowledge to use in either an office setting or classroom setting. Digital learning has improved the way we also do business with one another. A college institution wants their students to succeed, but they also need to make some sort of earnings so they can continue to offer their services. So they offer online classes in order to raise their enrollment numbers, graduation numbers and raise profits. There is learning everywhere you turn, whether is learning from your job, Physical class or even from an online teacher, You just have to want it.

An individual must first want to learn, they must be able to put an effort into wanting to learn. Digital learning is a great way to utilize what is currently out there in the world. We can now view other countries without needing to read a textbook in class, or watch the news. We can see other markets that were not so easily accessible to us before. We can now use social media to learn how other countries live day-by-day, giving us a level of clarity in the world, helping us explore life without needing to leave the state or country. One thing I know is that technology has helped me understand myself by accepting the fact that innovation and creativity thrive on technology, it is a gift that we must use responsibly.  if we continue to move forward with the technology we currently have, we can become a great nation and build a great future.